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Easy English Grammar Learning – What is a Demonstrative Pronoun?

Easy English Grammar Learning

This is my car.

The word ‘this’ is the demonstrative pronoun. It points to the car.





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April 8, 2018 · 6:46 am

Easy English Grammar Learning -Conditionals

Easy English grammar learning;





If…… = Then…..

Real…… Unreal…..

Imagined situations
Results depend on condition


First conditional

It is about real and possible things happening.
About the future.


Second Conditional

It is about impossible things happening or unreal things.
About the present.


Third Conditional

About the past.


Zero conditional


It is about real and true things happening, like facts for example.


First cond = ‘if+present’ – ‘will’.

Example; ‘If it rains, I will get wet.’


Second cond= ‘if+past’ – ‘would’.

Example; ‘If he came, I would explain to him.’


Third cond = if+past perfect’ – ‘would have’.

Example; ‘If you had taken your medicine, you would have a healthy body.’


The ‘if’ clause is the conditional clause. The other is the main clause or the result, (will, would, would have).



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