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If You Practice This, Then You Will Speak And Write English Sentences CORRECTLY, with Less MISTAKES!


If You Want to Learn How to Use Correctly in a Sentence Without Mistakes;

Present, Past or Future Tense

Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

20 Phrasal Verbs

Modal Verbs ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘must’

Modal Verbs ‘could, ‘would’, and ‘should


Passive Voice

Gerund (ing Noun) or Infinitive



Use of Articles

Much, Many, Some, or Any

Collocations with Get

20 Idioms

Make or Do – Common Collocations

Mistakes that English Native Speakers Make

Polite, Neutral, or Rude Language

Time Phrases

Punctuation Marks


Click on the link bellow to find out how, because it works!





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September 12, 2017 · 8:26 pm

Easy & Simple English Learning-40 Most Common Verbs in English

Easy & Simple English Learning for You! 40 Most Common Verbs in English!


Click on the image bellow to see it better!


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September 2, 2017 · 2:37 pm