My Own Story of Learning the Grammar of a New Language!


Hey, my name is Deyan, and a few years ago, I was like you, trying to learn a new language, French….

I knew how to speak some words in French, and could say whole sentences, but, after some time, I discovered that I am still struggling to speak French correctly, so I was making grammar mistakes, after all that time of study! I was not feeling very happy at all, with my French studying results… It was disappointing for me! I was not sure, what was the best thing to do….

So, I became stuck in my French studying, and some times, when I try to say something in French to somebody else, I was not sure how to say things correctly… So, it feel like confusing for the other person, listening to me!

So the problem was, I was studying French, could speak some words and make sentences, but all that was wrong… I was not sure, how to speak correctly, so that people could understand…

So it was obvious to me, that it was just not enough for me to learn words and sentences in French! But I had to learn to say things in the correct grammatical way!

I tried to learn French, mainly by learning only new vocabulary, but it did not work well, for me speaking correctly with people, so I was still wondering what was the best to do!

Then latter, I started to pay attention, of how the sentences were formed grammatically, in a French text. That helped!

I tried to memorize how the different verbs were written in a sentence of a French text, and it started to help me to remember how to say the verbs in French, in the correct way!

There was a time, when I realized also, that I have been trying to learn French, in the wrong way, from the very beginning, just because I saw somebody, who is a polyglot, and speaks many languages fluently, to explain, that it was not necessary for me, to study the grammar of a language, if I wanted to learn the language fluently! So I believed him! No wonder, I was struggling!

So, the real problems was, that I have been listening to the so called “experts” of language learning, and that is why I got stuck in my French studying! Their so called “expert advice”, was keeping me, from making progress!

So, in the same way, it is not your fault, if you are still not able to speak English, without making mistakes!

Once I realized that in order for me to progress in my French speaking, without making mistakes, by the studying of the grammar, I began to see the improvement, by studying how the verbs work in the sentences!

I believe that you can do the same, like me, by using the English grammar explanations on this website, and see yourself progress gradually! 

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June 7, 2017 · 9:24 pm

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