Test Your Grammar Skills

Test Your Grammar Skills

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the proper

pronouns. See that there is agreement in person, gender, and number:

1. Has everybody finished —- work.

2. If any one wishes a longer time, let —- hold up —- hand.

3. The panther sprang from —- lurking place.

4. Many a man has (have) lost —- money in speculation.

5. The cat came each day for —- bit of meat.

6. Everyone has to prove —- right to a seat.

7. Let every boy answer for —- self (selves).

8. The crowd was so great that we could hardly get through —-.

9. Let any boy guess this riddle if —- can.

10. Company H was greatly reduced in —- numbers.

11. Every animal has some weapon with which —- can defend

—-self (selves).

12. Nowhere does each dare do as —- pleases (please).

13. The elephant placed —- great foot on the man’s chest.

14. The child did not know —- mother.

15. Every kind of animal has —- natural enemies.

16. The committee instructed —- chairman to report the matter.

17. Two men were present, but neither would tell what —- saw.

18. Truth always triumphs over —- enemies.

19. Nobody did —- duty more readily than I.

20. The cat never fails to catch —- prey.

21. I have used both blue crayon and red crayon, but —- does

(do) not write so clearly as white.

22. If John and Henry whisper (whispers) —- will be punished.

23. If John or Henry whisper (whispers) —- will be punished.

24. Both Columbus and Cabot failed to realize the importance

of —- discoveries.


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